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Flexible repayment periods, discounts on insurance premiums and interest rate fixed for 3 years are just some of the features of our 1st Home Mortgage product. Find out more.

Get up to 97% financing, 50% discount on valuations and preferred mortgage rates without iSave for Home Mortgage option. Find out more.

Access a VM Home Equity Loan and unlock the value in your home and get you to your goal faster. Find out more.

Locking away lump-sums for future goals is easy with the VM iGain fixed deposit account. With tenures of between 30 and 365 days, your funds are held at fixed rates of interest that protects you from uncertainties in the market for the life of the account. These funds may also be used as collateral against loans to secure your other goals.

VM will provide you with a loan for the construction of your dream home, which is based on the value of the dwelling on completion not just the value of the property. Find out more.

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We are committed to helping you define and achieve your unique goals and have developed solutions to give you the best returns.

Savings Account

Save in your preferred currency and watch your money grow

Payroll Management

Save in any currency of your choice and benefit from special interest rates.

FX Trading

Access up to 97% financing for mortgages with special interest rates, while you save.

Auto Loan

Own your first vehicle with low monthly payments and up to 100% financing.

Personal Loan

Benefit from low processing fees and affordable interest rates.

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Open the door to your dreams with VM Building Society.

At VM Building Society, our aim is to help you transform every stage of your life.

Our banking solutions are designed for you, and we are committed to helping you realise your dreams and aspirations, no matter how big they are.

We have created an avenue for you to save in the currency of your choice. Our interest rates are very competitive. This is in keeping with our commitment to give you the best service so you can transform your everyday life!


Our Members enjoy the lowest transaction and loan rates. There is no charge for the use of our iABMs. Additionally, as we’re a Mutual organisation, saving accounts are not charged fees due to inactivity or low balance.


Members are protected against cyber-attacks for all transactions that are conducted on our online platform.


Islandwide branch locations, as well as online channels and iABMs allow for ease of access to funds in your accounts.

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