Happiness is Buying
Your First Home!

Let us help you with this important move. We understand that this process can be very frustrating. VMBS is here for you.

Own Your Happiness

Get the keys to your dreams with a VMBS mortgage. Our consultants are among the best. With their help, you’ll be celebrating owning your first home very soon.

Our customised plans include exceptionally low fees, affordable monthly payments and up to 100% financing. We make Home ownership possible for everyone.

  • Mortgage Pre-Approval within 24 hrs
  • Lower Mortgage Payments
  • Lower Processing Fees

Get the Keys to Your Dreams

Owning your first home is a major milestone. Let us help you design a mortgage that’s right for you.

Get Great

Enjoy special deals of up to 25% discounts on valuations through our VM Property Services Limited, for property obtained with a VM mortgage.

Your Convenient
NHT Partner

Let us help you access your NHT benefit with one simple, convenient application through your VMBS mortgage.

Financial Plans

Let us work with you to identify the best mortgage package with loan repayment terms of up to 40 years. Transforming your everyday begins now! Calculate your mortgage.

All You Need to Get Started

You are only a few steps away from a life-changing saving journey. You simply need

Application Form
● Completed Mortgage Application Form
Valid Identification

● Proof of Age & Identity:

– Valid passport, driver’s license or national ID

● TRN & NIS card


● Valuation report done within the past twelve months

● Surveyor’s ID Report

● Credit report

Certifying Documents

● Copy of Certificate of Title

● Signed agreement of sale

● NHT contribution letter to determine eligibility for NHT benefit

Proof of Income
● Proof of Income:

   – Employed individuals would need the following:
         – Income letter
         – Last three pay slips

   – Self-employed individuals need the following:
         – Audited Financial Statement
         – Bank statement for the last 12 months
         – Accountant’s income verification letter

● Proof of funds to complete transaction (closing cost)

Happiness Is Owning Your Own Home!

Start your home ownership journey with a VM 1st Home Mortgage

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