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Registry Account!

A wedding is an exciting and life-changing experience. Set the stage for a successful financial life together with a VM Bridal Registry Account.

Get Financial Support for Your Future

Whether you’re courting and thinking of getting married, or engaged couples wishing to establish a home savings plan – we are here to support you!

Minimum $1,000

to Open an Account

JM$, CDN$, UK£ or US$

Deposits Accepted

16 Locations

Available Islandwide

Turn Your Gifts into Goals

The wedding of your dreams is just the start of life together. A major component of lasting marriages is proper financial planning. Opening a VM Bridal Registry account is the ideal way to have friends and family contribute to laying a solid foundation for your future. Our elegantly designed bridal registry cards add that sophisticated touch to your invitation package and make it easy for your loved ones to gift you and yours. Are you ready for your own bridal registry account? If you are new to VM, you can simply open your savings account and be on your way.

3 Simple Steps to Start Your Bridal Registry

By opening a Bridal Registry Account, you are laying the foundation for the future you desire. Here are the first steps to helping you meet your financial goals, and start your marriage off right!

Open your account by simply providing two references, a valid form of identification, proof of address and income and you are well on your way. If you are already a Member, just register below and we’ll get you started.

We will provide registry cards with your account details to be added to the invitations for your wedding guests. Just tell us how many you need and you’ve got it!

Sit back and watch the gifts roll in to help you meet your goals.

All You Need to Get Started

A wedding is a special union that transforms your everyday. Let VM support your big moment

Completed Forms
● Completed Auto Loan Application Form

● C87 Form (for new and imported pre-owned vehicles)
Certifying Documents
● Signed Credit Bureau Authorisation to Release Information form

● Valid certificate of fitness and motor vehicle registration (for pre-owned vehicles only)

● Duty concession letter*

● Trade Board’s written permission*

*These documents are required where a duty concession is being given.
Reports and Invoices
● Credit report

● Valuation report from an approved valuator, not older than 6 months (for pre-owned vehicles only)

● Pro-forma invoice
Proof Identification
● Valid Government-issued photo ID*
   – Driver’s licence OR
   – Passport OR
   – Voter ID

*Note: At least one applicant is required to have a driver’s licence.

● Tax Registration Number
Proof of Income and Deposit
● Income verification
   – Job letter
   – Last 3 months’ pay slips

● Salary bank statements for three months

● Proof of deposit

If you are a VM account holder, simple visit your branch, if you are just joining us, you can simply open your savings account and you are on your way.

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