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Why Choose A Commercial Auto Loan From VM?
Why Choose A Commercial Auto Loan From VM?

Our Commercial Auto Loan services offers:

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Here Are The Types of Vehicles Financed.

  • Motor Cars or Buses – Motor vehicles which are constructed primarily for the carriage of passengers.
  • Motor Trucks or Vans – Light commercial and commercial vehicles such as; panel vans, window vans, pickup trucks, other small trucks, commercial trucks refrigerated or nonrefrigerated.

Motor Vehicles Not financed.

  • Tractors & Trailers
  •  Heavy Duty Equipment
  •  Motorcycles, Bikes
  • Individual Route Taxis
  1. Completed Commercial Loan Application Form
  2. Authorization to Release Information Form (Credit Bureau Authorization)
  3. Bank Statements – minimum 12 months Audited &/or In-house Financial Statements – minimum 3 years
  4. Business/Personal Tax Registration Number
  5. Government Issued Permit or License
  6. Government Issued Identification
  1. Copy of Vehicle Title (Equity Loans)
  2. Proof of Deposit
  3. Road License (where applicable)
  4. Pro-forma Invoice from Seller
  5. Certificate of Fitness
  6. Duty Concession Letter & Trade Board’s written permission (where applicable)
  7. Valuation Report from approved Valuator, not older than 6 months
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