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The VM Group’s foundation is built on trust, security and commitment, and for decades, has transformed the lives of Jamaicans by enabling them to achieve their financial goals.

As a strong integrated financial group, we have services spanning, Savings and Loans, Wealth Management and Financial Advisory, Real Estate, Money Transfer, Pension Administration and Investment Management, as well as Property, Casualty and Liability Insurance.

Firmly rooted in Jamaican soil, VM Group has footprints globally, backed by a commitment to satisfy the financial needs and desires of Jamaicans living overseas. We currently have Representative Offices in New York and Florida in the United States and Tottenham, Brixton and Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

Maintaining key relationships with members of the Jamaican diaspora is paramount. And we are proud to celebrate with you, and by extension, the Union of Jamaican Alumni Associations (UJAA) on 31 impactful years of investing in the well-being of local and overseas based Jamaican students. Your commitment to the development and advancement of the youth of Jamaica through your various initiatives is admirable.

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Savings Account

Our Savings solutions are geared at helping you to save towards your goals, whether it’s a well-deserved vacation or to ensure sound financial health. As a Mutual Financial Institution, VM savers have a unique advantage. VM is owned by its Members, and not shareholders, so the business’ surplus goes back into delivering greater returns to Members through low or no fees and highly competitive savings rates.

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Mortgages are also offered at very competitive rates and the team of caring experts has all the information to help returning residents hit the ground running for the new chapter of their lives back on the island or for those who are interested in that much desired vacation home or income earning opportunities through real estate investment in Jamaica. Owning real estate is a major commitment, and to make this process a seamless experience, all VM Representative Offices are able to process mortgage loan applications and provide the requisite guidance to ensure that the journey of purchasing a property is pleasant and rewarding.

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Auto Loan

The VM Drive Auto Loan continues to be a favorite among Members. Members are able to access up to 100 percent financing, access discounts on auto insurance while making low monthly payments. The return to Jamaica will be so much sweeter with no restrictions on movement. From Negril to Morant Point, the island is waiting to be explored.

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Unit Trust

When you invest your funds in a VM Wealth Unit Trust, you get access to a range of assets in each fund. We remove the need to research and manage individual investments. It’s all done for you. We make it easy to build a more diversified portfolio that matches your goals. Whether it’s accelerated growth or long-term wealth preservation, we have a fund for you.

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You deserve to build wealth without boundaries. At VM Wealth, we facilitate trading in JMD and USD stocks through individual investments and our Equity based Unit Trust. So however you prefer to invest, we have you covered.

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Money Market Securities

VM Wealth Management’s Money Market products are designed to offer stability of capital, liquidity, and predictable income.

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Bond Trading

Are you looking for a secure investment option to help you meet your medium to long term goals? Bonds may be your answer! Invest in Bond offers from solid companies and governments from across the Caribbean.

If your financial objectives include gaining regular tax-deferred income throughout the year and you have a higher appetite for risk, then bonds are the ideal investment solution for you.

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Margin Loans

Make your investments work even harder for you. Need short term funding for your needs without disrupting your investments? Look no further, a margin loan solution is the product for you.

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Online Trading

We realize that speed, access to information and the ability to navigate at your pace in important to building your wealth. That is why we have a range of options for you to access wealth management online. If you would like to check on your investment or make a request at any time, night or day, let’s get you started on our client access portal.

If you are trading stocks, JTrader is a great place to start.

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Private Portfolio Management

We recognize that your investment goals are unique. Our Private Portfolio Management Team will work with you to design a plan that matched your specific objectives, then consistently research, monitor and adjust based on your growth path.

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