VM G.I.F.T: Donating to Your Cause

Victoria G.I.F.T (Victoria Group Interest Funds Transfer) helps you to transform the lives of Jamaicans and positively impact communities

Give Back to Charities with Ease

No matter the amount, any donation to a worthy cause is an ultimate act of love. Join us in creating the good you want to see in the world.

No Fees When You Give

Your acts of kindness should never come with added cost. Victoria G.I.F.T allows you to easily make your own contribution to your favourite charity or social cause.

Securely Support a Cause

Enjoy a secure way to champion the potential of people and communities. Set up a standing order to transfer regular sums to your Victoria GIFT account.

Give with Convenience

You can donate at any time – whether a one-time basis or regular contributions, and with any currency of your choice – whether J$, UK£, US$ and CDN$

Our Supported Charities

We are committed to encouraging and supporting those who improve the livelihood of the less fortunate.

How It Works

You can show your favourite charity how much you care. Let us guide you in doing so.

[copy to be provided]

[copy to be provided]

What You Need to Get Started

Continue to give back to that special cause or social charity with ease. Here’s what you need to begin the process.

Completed Forms
● Completed Auto Loan Application Form

● C87 Form (for new and imported pre-owned vehicles)
Certifying Documents
● Signed Credit Bureau Authorisation to Release Information form

● Valid certificate of fitness and motor vehicle registration (for pre-owned vehicles only)

● Duty concession letter*

● Trade Board’s written permission*

*These documents are required where a duty concession is being given.
Reports and Invoices
● Credit report

● Valuation report from an approved valuator, not older than 6 months (for pre-owned vehicles only)

● Pro-forma invoice
Proof Identification
● Valid Government-issued photo ID*
   – Driver’s licence OR
   – Passport OR
   – Voter ID

*Note: At least one applicant is required to have a driver’s licence.

● Tax Registration Number
Proof of Income and Deposit
● Income verification
   – Job letter
   – Last 3 months’ pay slips

● Salary bank statements for three months

● Proof of deposit

Schedule An Appointment

Registration Form

Please fill out the form to set and appointment with us.

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