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Meet our team of seasoned VM Group Executives charged with the organisation’s strategic leadership as we work to Transform Your Everyday.

Welcome to VM Group, where all dreams are worth pursuing

Financial well-being is for everyone, we’ll help you to build yours with the power of VM.

VM Group started as a simple but noble dream held by a group of clergymen – create a mutual organisation to assist hardworking but economically marginalised Jamaicans to own their homes. Our founders understood the value of mutuality in the achievement of shared goals and wanted more Jamaicans to experience the benefits of being homeowners. That is the genesis of our mutuality, and it remains at the core of VM’s purpose 14 decades after our founding. VM was established 13 years after Jamaica’s history-altering Morant Bay Rebellion and immediately facilitated the upliftment of the Jamaican people.

Today, our operations are spread across oceans and seas with the same aim. With offices in Jamaica, and representative offices in the United Kingdom, Florida and New York, our reach is wide and our commitment unshakable. Financial wellbeing in today’s Jamaica means greater access to products and services that can transform lives and the knowledge to make informed decisions on financial matters.

In November 2021, the Group underwent a brand transformation with a new logo, brand colours and a full move to our new name – VM Group.

The VM Group is made up of the VM Building Society, VM Wealth Management, VM Property Services, VMBS Money Transfer Services, VM Pensions Management, VM Finance and VM Innovations. British Caribbean Insurance Company (BCIC) and Carilend are affiliate companies. Together, we are more committed than ever to achieve big wins for our Members and clients and with generations of solid experience as our fuel, the future is full of promise of even greater things to come.

VM Group provides a suite of products and services that include:

  • Savings and Deposits
  • Loan Options
  • Foreign Exchange Trading
  • Residential and Commercial Mortgages
  • Wealth Management and Investment Services
  • General Insurance
  • Real Estate and Property Services
  • Money Transfer Services
  • Pension Fund Investment Management
  • Pension Fund Administration
  • Pension Consultancy

VM continues to make a positive impact on community development, character building, family life and social stability.

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